How to send your files ?

After ordering, click the "Upload" button hereinbelow to send your files. You will then be redirected to the "wetransfer" service, largely used by professionals (select your files and type your email address)

Summary of the instructions to follow before sending your audio files :

  1. Send only ".wav" or ".aiff" formats to obtain the best sound quality.

  2. All separate tracks must be in stereo, panning in the center.

  3. Sampling frequency identical to your session. At least 44,1 KHz, if possible choose 48KHz or 88,2KHz for an optimum result.

  4. The quantization must be 24-bits minimum (32-bits for an optimum result).

  5. Always disable dithering and normalization.

  6. The sound level of your tracks must never reach 0 dB.

  7. For best results, vocals should be recorded in a professional studio.

  8. Make sure all the tracks of a project are synchronised and start simultaneously.

  9. Before exporting, disable all the non-artistic transparent plugins for each track (EQ's, compressors, limiters) and all plugins for the master track.

  10. As for the mixing, export also "dry" (without reverb/delay) each track, insofar as possible.

Don't forget to indicate a commercial reference, corresponding to the same music genre, which will help us on how to work on the mixing and mastering of your project, along with a premix you would have created, for us to have an idea of what you expect from us.

If one of these instructions is not respected, the final result may not be similar to music found in stores.

You have difficulties finding your way through our website ?

Go to our 'FAQ', you will find all the important steps to follow for the sound engineer to work in good conditions and provide the best possible result.

For any other question, please 'contact us'.